Victorian Reading Challenge 2018

I have loads of books written in or about the Victorian period, so have decided to participate in a reading challenge to get me reading some of these and get some books off my to be read pile.
I havent decided which ones to read as yet, but will fill in the below as I do. I might try and get through 5-10 of them this year.

This year's list:

1.   A book that was originally published seriall

2.   A book published between 1837-1840

3.   A book published between 1841-1850

4.   A book published between 1851-1860

5.   A book published between 1861-1870

6.   A book published between 1871-1880

7.   A book published between 1881-1890

8.   A book published between 1891-1901

9.   A nonfiction published between 1837-1860

10. A nonfiction published between 1861-1901

11. A book published between 1902-1999 with a Victorian setting

12. A book published between 2000-2018 with a Victorian setting

13. A fiction or nonfiction book about Queen Victoria

14. A Biography of a Victoria

15. A Nonfiction book about the Victorian era

16. Free choice

17. A place name in the title

18. A character name in the title

19. A book in a series

20. A drama or melodrama

21. A gothic, suspense, mystery

22. A romance or historical

23. A comedy

24. Science fiction or fantasy

25. An adventure, crime, western

26. A poetry collection OR story collection

27. A happily ever after

28. A unhappily ever after  

29. A children's book

30. Translated into English from another language

31. A book under 250 pages

32. A book over 500 pages

33. A book over 800 pages

34. A book that has been filmed as movie, miniseries, or television show

35. A memorable heroine

36. A memorable hero

37. A British author

38. An Irish author OR Irish setting

39. A Scottish author OR Scottish setting

40. An American author

41. A reread

42. A book with a subtitle (the longer the better!)

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